Uncover Your Soul's Deepest Desires and Motivations

Find your totem animal spirits and let them guide you to deeper relationships, invaluable personal insights, and a creative, spiritual life you'll love. The Modern Totemist combines traditional totem wisdom with first-hand spiritual experience to give you the tools you need to work with YOUR animal spirits– whether you are completely new to animal totems, or more advanced on your totem path.

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This will take you to Lulu.com to purchase “The Modern Totemist."
Author Stephanie Brown

Meet Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown has been a student of several branches of metaphysical disciplines for over fifteen years and a practitioner of modern totemism and worker of animal magick for most of that time.

She is also an artist and author of the blog Logick and the 2019 book The Modern Totemist.

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